The need for a flight companion
A friendly, reliable, professional travel companion to help and assist you while you take off - sounds unattainable but isn’t. Let us begin with the basics of flight companionship!
Who is a flight companion?
A flight companion is a professional who takes charge of your journey from the moment you enter the airport for departure until the moment you have checked out after arrival at your destination.
Your flight companion is your answer to a safe, secure and hassle-free journey.
What exactly will your flight companion do for you?
Right from handling your baggage to dropping you off in your taxi at your destination - your flight companion will help you with all of it. Safe check-in, help you at the customs desk, immigration, waiting with you until departure, making sure you have a safe and worry-free flight to escorting you into taxi are all taken care of by the flight companion.
Who needs a flight companion?
It’s always nice to have company when traveling, hence if you are simply looking for a friend to fly with you - you need a flight companion. Other than that, if you’re physically disabled, a senior citizen, a newbie to flying or someone who is battling flight anxiety - your companion is only a button away!
For senior citizens and physically disabled members, the flight companion helps a great deal with handling baggage and availing a wheelchair at the airport to completely taking care of the seeker. Hence, your family no more needs to worry about your safety!
Where can you find a flight companion?
Your flight companion can be anywhere near you and better yet - he/ she is flying the same destination as you are!
With Trepr, you can easily register on our platform and search for your flight companion! You can use filters of your preference to travel with the kind of person you’d like and the services you’d like to avail of.
Is it safe to hire a flight companion?
It is absolutely safe to travel with flight companions you find on Trepr since they are young professionals that have been verified by our team and tracked at every move! For more details, please go through our privacy guidelines here.
The need for a flight companion is only increasing to help with passengers have a safe, secure, and hassle-free journey!