Penny Wise: Delivering International Packages at Low Costs
How often do you want to gift something to a loved one living in a land far far away? How often did you have to curb this desire due to the exorbitant pricing of package deliveries to foreign locations via air? Over a million packages are sent via air cargo. This typically requires around 3 to 5 days and is priced higher due to shorter transit times. Finding a courier service that’ll ensure affordable, secure, and timely delivery of precious presents or items that need to be sent to friends and family settled abroad can be a tedious task.
Introducing Trepr, a modern and innovative solution designed to cater to all your travel needs. Need a companion? We can find one for you. Want to send something abroad? Our travellers can help you out. Want to buy something available in a foreign country? We can arrange that. With Trepr we help you manage your end-to-end travel needs. Of these our Conveyor or Package Delivery services are ideal if you need to frequently send documents, gift items or other goods to loved ones or colleagues settled in different countries at reasonable prices. This may sound like a complex process but it really isn’t. There are two ways to go about this with Trepr:
You become a Traveller
When you become a Traveller you are the one giving the service i.e, delivering the package. You can become a Traveller by registering on our website and doing the following:
  • Submitting a confirmed travel plan including flight tickets
  • Providing proof of identity such as your passport
Once you’ve registered as a traveller you’re eligible for providing our unique travel services. In case of Conveyor that means to deliver packages from your country of origin to your destination. We connect you with individuals who wish to send packages to your destination. And there’s more you get rewarded well to do so! So that means you make money by simply travelling using Trepr!
You become a Seeker
When you register as a Seeker on our website, you’re the one availing the service i.e, sending the package. The process of seeking a service is similar to that of becoming a traveller. Once registered you can avail all our services at affordable rates. With the added convenience of safety and insurance of the package. We connect you with genuine registered Travellers who help deliver your package to family and friends settled in their destination country. These individuals are one’s travelling from your country to the country where you wish to send your package. With Trepr you are rest-assured of complete security of your package!
So, what are you waiting? for don’t let the inconvenience of air cargos stop you from sending gifts and essential items to those abroad. Log on to Trepr and avail the best and most secure services in the market which are secure, affordable, and rewarding!