What's Hot? : Buying the latest products from international locations
Do you wish to have the first piece of the Christian Louboutin collection straight from Paris? Do you ever wonder if there were a faster way to receive your order than depending on a shipping company?
It’s time for you to try our shopping concierge services!
With our Trepr traveler’s help, you can now buy items of your choice from international locations and have them delivered to you at the convenience of your home in a much-subsidized rate by your personal shopper on Trepr.
Thousands are exploring the luxury of a personal shopper with Trepr, where we mediate between you and your personal shopper by helping you find them to having them paid for their service - all on our secure platform.
Our personal shoppers, shop for you at the sold market price and also resort to negotiating for you the best rates of any product. Would you like some authentic spices from the hustling markets of the Spice Souk in Deira, Dubai? Let our travelers take care of it for you!
Why use our shopping concierge service?
  • Multiple ways of contacting our travellers.
  • Safe payment gateways on Trepr
  • Security and insurance on your product
  • Bulk buying (get a quote)
  • Receiving images of the product before and after purchase
  • Track your product from the moment of purchase until it reaches your doorstep
  • Probability of lower rates compared to market prices
Who are the travelers shopping for you?
Your personal shoppers are none other than our trepr travelers that are trained professionals and young travelers exploring the world while making a profit to support their travel by helping you!
They are registered with us and hence are insured with safety and security. Find more information on our privacy guidelines here.
Request a quote for your puchase and explore this wonderful service now!