About Us

About Us

Founded in August of 2015 and based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, Trepr (Trip Representative) is the first ONLINE DEPUTATION SYSTEM and a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and substitute another person for their travel needs around the world.

Almost every person has his/her local or international travel plans either occasionally or frequently. Trepr connects flight travelers and service seekers all over the world to exchange their travel plan and invoke travel services such as people (Flight Companionship), package (Parcel Delivery), and product (Shopping Concierge), safely, cheaply and promptly respectively anywhere in the world by substituting a traveler, who travels on the same route, and pay for each service through trepr.


This service facilitates seekers to identify a substitute traveler to accompany people (Herself/himself, Family members, Friends, and/or Relatives etc. of all age groups) from one place to another place safely anywhere in the world.


This service facilitates seekers to identify a substitute traveler to transport package (Documents, Electronics, Food, and/or goods etc. of different weight, worth, sizes and dimensions) from one place to another place cheaply anywhere in the world.


This service facilitates seekers to identify a substitute traveler to perform task (Buy products physically from store or online from different location and deliver) on their behalf in a remote place promptly anywhere in the world.

Trepr also provides world-class customer service, and a growing community of users, Trepr is the easiest way for people to monetize during their personal travel by show casing their travel plans to audience of billions.

Leadership Team

Ranjith Gopalakrishnan is the CEO and founder of TREPR. He drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as they provide innovative and unique ways for people to fulfill their travel needs and earn in their travel without special efforts. Under Ranjith's leadership, Trepr stands at the forefront of the sharing economy, and is expanding in many countries on a rapid scale. With a small highly skilled technical team, his vision is being transformed accurately in the product to meet most of peoples' travel service demand across the world. He received a degree in computer science from Anna University, TN, India and held consulting positions in service based companies.

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